ICLX 2-step solenoid valve, one or two step on/off

ICLX 2-step solenoid valves belong to the Flexline™ range.
ICLX are used in suction lines for the opening against high differential pressure, e.g. after hot gas defrost in large industrial refrigeration systems with ammonia, fluorinated refrigerants or CO2.
The ICLX valve is factory configured to open in 2 steps. By following a simple procedure the valve can be configured to open in 1 step only.
In 2-step configuration, step 1 opens to approx. 10% of the capacity after the pilot solenoid valves are energized.
Step 2 opens automatically when the pressure differential across the valve has decreased to approx. 1.5 bar.
The ICLX 2-step solenoid valve comprises five main components: Valve body, top cover, function module and 2 pilot solenoid valves. On ICLX 32-150 the top cover and function module are factory-assembled.
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