RX Controls

Danfoss RX Roof and Gutter controls are easy to install and by precisely sensing both moisture and temperature conditions, they only turn on when needed increasing energy consumption costs by 75%!
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Temperature Range

Supply Voltage

Max. load

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Dimensions [Inches]

088L3036 RX DS-8 Controller with Remote Snow and Ice Sensor - 120, 240V 30A @ 240V - Pole mounted, outdoors 4.75" x 7" 2.75"
088L9000 RX RX1200 Roof and Gutter De-icing Controller On at 39.2°F, off at 44.6°F (on at 4°C, off at 7°C) 120VAC 50/60 Hz 10.2A @ 120V (1225W) Outdoor, under soffit/eave On wall protected from rain/direct sun 1.73" x 4.57" x 2.84" (44mm x 116 mm x 72 mm)

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