Ice guard Pre-Terminated Self Regulating Cable

The Danfoss Ice Guard (SRIG) heating cable provides an easy to use solution for a variety of pipe freeze and roof and gutter applications. The heat output of the conductive core material increases and decreases when it is needed as it adjusts the power output to the varying conditions along the length of the pipe. This ensures maximum energy efficiency by producing heat only when and where it is needed.

• Cable can be overlapped without creating hot spots or causing a burn out
• 6 foot long power lead
• Pre-terminated with a plug and end seal
• Rugged 16 AWG bus cable with longer runs
• Limited 10 year warranty
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Code no.



Cable Length [ft]

Output @ 50°F (10°C)

088L1480 SRIG Ice guard, 120V 6 5W/ft.
088L1481 SRIG Ice guard, 120V 12 5W/ft.
088L1482 SRIG Ice guard, 120V 18 5W/ft.
088L1483 SRIG Ice guard, 120V 24 5W/ft.
088L1484 SRIG Ice guard, 120V 50 5W/ft.
088L1485 SRIG Ice guard, 120V 75 5W/ft.
088L1486 SRIG Ice guard, 120V 100 5W/ft.

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