Accessories for electric heating
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088L0010 Heating Cables GX Repair Kit 5703466118566 crimp connectors, repair wire, heat shrink tubes 0.5
088L0014 Heating Cables LX repair kit 5703466145142 crimp connectors, repair wire, heat shrink, tubes 0.1
088L0028 Heating Cables Little Buzzer (continuity alarm) 5703466161463 batteries 0.5
088L0412 Heating Cables Warning labels, 10pcs 5703466130230 - 0.0
088L1050 Heating Cables Cable Strapping (15 ft/4.5 m) 5703466145173 - 0.7
088L3008 Heating Cables Replacement floor sensor for LX thermostat 5703466142608 - 0.2
088L3051 Heating Cables Ground sensors 5703466145203 2 per package (50ft. lead wire) 9.7
088L3405 Heating Cables Nameplate (per NEC 426-13) 5703466148846 - 1.0
088L5135 Heating Cables LX Power Module with GFCI 5703466199329 - 1.0
19809099 Heating Cables LX flexible conduit tube for floor sensor (8 ft./2.4 m) 5703466078327 - 0.2

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